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Private Jets

Indulge in the ultimate luxury voyage with a private jet rental. Whether you’re looking for a little getaway or planning your next corporate trip, our private jet services are designed to transport you in comfort and sophistication. When you fly privately with one of our carriers, you are granted the convenience of skipping busy airport lines and simply arriving at your destination with ease. Each of our carriers can fly to and from any worldwide airport, including many private and restricted locations. Our large selection of charter planes are also equipped with Wi-Fi, telephones, personal concierge services and boardroom facilities, allowing you to stay connected while you’re in the air.

Additional Info:

  • Two Pilots Guarantee
  • Highest Degree of Safety Standards
  • 24/7 Full Concierge Service
  • All areas of the world
  • 24 Hour Flight Tracking
  • More Than 20 Years Experience
  • Award Winning Services
  • Guaranteed Backup Plane


Due to the great fluctuation of the euro currency, prices for all of our services will be quoted upon request. This policy enables us to provide you, the traveler, with the most competitive quotes consistent with actual currency exchange. We invite you to browse through our website to select the travel style that meets your needs. Our travel planners are only a call or email away, ready to provide dedicated assistance in designing your travel itinerary.

Fly in luxury.

  • Pilatus PC-12

    The PC-12 has proven itself as the one of the most versatile and reliable private aviation aircraft in the world. Ideal for regional flights, safe, comfortable, and proven, the PC-12 is trusted and preferred by many people around the world to fly their families, customers, and employees. With its high-altitude, high-speed cruise, the PC-12 has a long range and is an efficient alternative to light jets. This aircraft boasts a unique combination of precision Swiss engineering and unrivaled craftsmanship that delivers an outstanding customer experience. We have many other types of turbo prop and jet aircraft available as well.

    Passenger Capacity: 7
    Baggage Capacity: 40 Cubic Feet
    Cabin Dimensions: 16.9 ft L x 5 ft W x 4.8 ft H

    Range: 728 Nautical Miles
    Airspeed: 169 MPH

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  • Citation Bravo [Light Jet Charter]

    The comfortable and fuel-efficient Citation Bravo has a long range for a light private jets. Some examples of non-stop flights include New Jersey to Miami or Van Nuys to Aspen. Passengers appreciate the smooth ride and comfort. Extra attention has been placed on engineering a quiet and comfortable cabin. The Citation Bravo has ample baggage capacity, enough for 8 suitcases, 4 golf bags, and multiple sets of skis. Providing an outstanding balance between performance and cost, the Citation Bravo outperforms many other jets in the same category and gets frequent accolades from both customers and pilots. We have many other types of lights jets and other jet and turbo prop aircraft available as well.

    Passenger Capacity: 7
    Baggage Capacity: 72 Cubic Feet
    Cabin Dimensions: 16 ft L x 4.8 ft W x 4.7 ft H

    Range: 1720 Nautical Miles
    Airspeed: 397 MPH

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  • Learjet 75 Liberty [Super Light Jet Charter]

    The Learjet 75 Liberty has a spacious forward cabin and available executive suite layout providing the most legroom and quietest, smoothest ride. It is the only super light jet certified to the industry’s highest safety standards. The Learjet 75 is able to fly at altitudes up to 49,000 feet, high above bad weather and congested flight lanes. Fly from New York to Miami or New York to Aspen in style with the Learjet 75’s outstanding range. The Learjet 75 provides comfort and luxury comparable to a larger aircraft, letting you enjoy the optimal travel travel experience and value, combined with performance to get you where you’re going. We have many other types of super lights jets and other jet and turbo prop aircraft available.

    Passenger Capacity: 8
    Baggage Capacity: 50 Cubic Feet Cabin
    Dimensions: 19.8 ft L x 5.1 ft W x 4.9 ft H

    Range: 2080 Nautical Miles
    Airspeed: 621 MPH

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  • Hawker 900XP [Midsize Jet Charter]

    The Hawker 900XP is a midsize private jet that provides an exceptional combination of performance, comfort, and efficiency. With a comfortable cabin that boasts standup headroom and ample seating for eight passengers, the 900XP is a great option for business or family travel, from coast to coast, from the Northeast to Florida, from California to Colorado, or anywhere you desire. There is plenty of in-cabin storage and modern lighting and touch screen seat controls. With more powerful engines than its predecessors, the 900XP provides performance and that makes it a favorite for private jet charters to hot or high destinations. We have many other types of midsize and other jet charter aircraft available as well.

    Passenger Capacity: 8
    Baggage Capacity: 50 Cubic Feet
    Cabin Dimensions: 21 ft L x 6 ft W x 5.7 ft H

    Range: 2800 Nautical Miles
    Airspeed: 510MPH

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  • Challenger 350 [Super Midsize Jet Charter]

    The Challenger 350 is the best super midsize private jet in its class. With one of the largest cabins available, almost as large as a long range jet, you will travel in comfort and luxury, and arrive refreshed. The Challenger 350 is a top choice for medium and long range private jet charter. Fly cross country between New York and Los Angeles, or to the Caribbean, or even South America or Europe non-stop. The Challenger 350’s next level comfort and ultra smooth ride give you an in flight experience that is second to none. Seating is available in multiple configurations depending on the aircraft, as a double club or even a 3 person divan layout. We have many other types of ultra-long range jets available as well.

    Passenger Capacity: 10
    Baggage Capacity: 106 Cubic Feet
    Cabin Dimensions: 25.2 ft L x 7.2 ft W x 6 ft H

    Range: 3200 Nautical Miles
    Airspeed: 635 MPH

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  • Gulfstream G450 (Heavy Jet Charter)

    The Gulfstream G450 is a luxurious, efficient, and powerful aircraft that is perfect for travel in and out of any airport in the U.S. or around the world. It is as stylish as it is high-performance, and fully equipped to fulfill domestic or international travel needs of the most demanding and discerning customer. There are many available cabin layouts including space for up to 16 passengers seated or 6 sleeping. The cabin has a galley, multiple lavatories, and multiple seating areas. Whether for family or business travel the Gulfstream 450 delivers a comfortable and luxurious experience that is second to none, and is a favorite amongst Flewber’s VIP clientele. We have many other types of heavy private jets available as well.

    Passenger Capacity: 16
    Baggage Capacity: 130 Cubic Feet
    Cabin Dimensions: 40.4 ft L x 7.4 ft W x 6.2 ft H

    Range: 4350 Nautical Miles
    Airspeed: 550 MPH

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  • Falcon 8X (Ultra Long Range Jet Charter)

    An ultra-long range aircraft allowing flights from New York to Beijing, Moscow to Sao Paulo, Paris to Hong Kong, London to Capetown, and more. The cabin provides unsurpassed space and comfort and many spacious and luxurious layout configurations for private jet service with many options within the Flewber fleet. The Falcon 8X is known for its performance, efficiency, comfort, and luxury. It is a top choice for long range and international private jet charter to and from Europe, Asia, North and South America, and anywhere else in the world. We have many other types of ultra-long range jets available as well.

    Passenger Capacity: 16
    Baggage Capacity: 140 Cubic Feet
    Cabin Dimensions: 42.6 ft L x 7.6 ft W x 6.2 ft H

    Range: 6450 Nautical Miles
    Airspeed: 613 MPH

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“I cannot thank you enough for putting together this trip of a lifetime for my sons and I. It was nothing short of magnificent. The stay at Portobay Libertade was perfect, centrally located, near all the shops, restaurants, cafes. We were able to walk everywhere. The hotel itself was beautiful. The staff was so accommodating and personable. The tours that you had put together for us of Lisbon, Sintra and Caiscas were so well done. It allowed us to immerse ourselves in the culture and learn so much of the history of Portugal.”
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